Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transformers Unite!

2 more days left for the GIVEAWAY - check out the TAB for how to ENTER!!

#1 - SHOP of the DAY - lovintagefinds
* always a fan of vintage and quirky and these items are just lovely!

#2 - ITEM of the DAY - Romantic in Pink Flower Bib Statement Necklace by PickyBerryTrifles
* I've seen lots of bib necklaces but none with such great vintage detail!

My husband made me go watch Transformers last night. Oh the joys of being married.

Explanation - A team of cars that transform and save the world. The end.

I know that was complicated. whew.

Why am I talking about transformers. Teamwork. Yes it was all actiony and fancy but in the end Bumblebee needed Optimas Prime.

We need each other. To save the world obviously.

Now this team I am about to suggest is not that fancy or can turn into a camero (or can it...) but it does require some simple math. Don't worry. I got you.

Etsy Success Team = Etsy for dummies.

If you are on Etsy and not on a team - I am having an intervention. Yep you're on the show and we are ALL writing you a letter. Dear Sally....

Anytime I can get ideas or be lazy and not have to figure it out myself I'm in!

Hand raised. pick me please!

My favorite part. People ask the dumbest questions.

Why does this make me happy? I was thinking the SAME THING! Or maybe just the smarter version of what they were thinking...

For the most part everyone is super encouraging and really want to help. Plus it has been fun to actually be able to be an "expert". That's right. I've crossed the first bridge whoo!

So if you are a beginner to teams or even a veteran I suggest you join this team. MUCH advice will come your way and even save you from yourself.

And probably the world. I'm like 90% sure of that.

- Natalie

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I think I just gave my first child away

Only a FEW MORE DAYS for the GIVEAWAY!! Check out the TAB to enter!!

#1 - SHOP of the DAY - TheSimpleCrow
*great shabby chic/ burlap / americana /I wanna put all over my house greatness.

#2 - ITEM of the DAY - Psychedelic Vintage Top elizabethwrenvintage
*I LOVE prints and colors and this is just flashy enough to say hello i'm here but not crazy.

I'm buying a house.

Yes - this was a spur of the moment thing. Went out a'gandering and BAM here was this house.

It was like the heavens opened and a big sunbeam came out and said " me". This house is perfect. It has everything we need to someday have little babies running around.

Like 5 years people.

We are also somehow closing this house in 2 weeks. Yep...a chunk of hair just fell out.

I also just killed a tree with these disclosure papers and I may have signed my first child away...but the lady seems nice and will probably take good care of him.

It's exciting though to be somewhere solid for awhile. My mother informed me that THEY (notice the they) have moved me 10 times since college. What can I say...maybe I'm a gypsy.

Like the tacky dresses I'm done. Stayin' still for awhile. Hallelujah.

And the best part...I will have a CRAFT ROOM.

Yep...I just drooled. Ill post pictures fo sho. Not of me drooling...just the room.

- Natalie

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday #2

Great Finds for little dollar signs....holla

#1 -CLEARANCE--Solid Lotus in Reverse Onesie (12 Months) by motherMAEI
*$9 plus $3 shipping 

##2 - Clearance, Silver Wing Pendant Necklace by Coconut Canopy
*$22 plus $2 shipping

by: ccbgknikolich
*$28.50 plus $8.50 shipping

#4 - Sale // Bright Green Mother of Pearl Disc Bracelet // Now 50% Off by stacygarrettjewelry
*$5 with $2 shipping

*$4 with $3.60 shipping

- Natalie

Monday, June 27, 2011

Diamond v. Quartz

#1 - SHOP of the DAY - Cayennepeppybags
* I love the shape and all the wonderful colors of these purses!

#2 - ITEM of the DAY - Summer Nights Shooting Stars Clear Glass Ball Mason Jar Chandelier Lights - UpCycled Hanging Pendant Lighting Fixture Swag - Eco Wedding by BootsnGus
*I have seen the mason jar light but never with these great colors - such a great twist!

Well I have bad news. No Diamonds.

I know you must be surprised. I am too.

Mostly because I spent 4 hours sifting through glorified dirt - finding MANY shiny rocks that i was SURE were diamonds.

How could they not be people...I'm in diamond hunting country. I win $5 regularly on lottery tickets. I'm lucky.

To make it even worse they have it all set up where they will identify these "precious gems" for you.

Trust me, everyone walks up there with their "diamonds" only to be told in under 10 seconds they can kiss that trip to Mexico goodbye.

Who is this dream crusher? Well here's a little geography lesson for you. Apparently there is something called Quartz that looks oh so shiny...but it a big fat liar.

Not cool Quartz. Not cool.

But don't worry. I kept them. I'm getting a second opinion. Take that geology girl.

Just shows that a copy is never as good as the real thing. Easier to find. May be similar and found in the same place. 

But remember nobody shows off their quartz ring.

- Natalie

*Oh and don't forget about the giveaway it ends FRIDAY!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Oh don't worry I'm not here.

This was pre-set yesterday at 11 a.m. See I told you I'm a woman of my word.

When I take breaks I take bbbbbrrrrreeeeeeaaaaakkkkkssss. Plus I'm diamond hunting people. Concentration is the key.

Just a few reminders during your weekend =)

1. Don't forget about the giveaway!! The link to the post is in the giveaway tab and those are some cutie patootie stickers and FREE!

2. Like my shop on facebook. Sorry shameless self promotion. When I get to 25 likes I don't have to have all the dumb numbers at the end. It doesn't look cute when you go - hey check out 3247238472893749823 .... see no fun!

Help a sista out!

See you Monday!!

- Natalie

Friday, June 24, 2011

Re-charging and Brainwashing

#1 - SHOP of the DAY -Escargokids
* I don't even HAVE a baby - but I would steal one for these clothes!

#2 - ITEM of the DAY - 25 D O L L A R S A L E Bright Florals Vintage 80s HIGH WAIST Full PLEATED Mini Skirt Small by rockstreetvintage
*uhh it's not sale day - but hello - if you have long legs (or even if you don't) = cute!

I know people have said this A THOUSAND times but that girl ruined Friday for me.

Yes, that video. I can't help but write Friday and that song comes from some dark scary place.

Very. Scary. Place.

BUT that girl is making millions.

So props to her for the brainwash AND the dollar signs.

Speaking of money I am going camping this weekend. To a place where you can mine for diamonds and jewels. Oh yeah - take that.

My plan...get ready.

Find a huge diamond. Maybe 2. Cash it. Pay for a house. Live like a queen. And have 5 dogs.

What? this is totally possible. I will post this "diamond" that I find and will invite ya'll to my mansion. Drinks on me.

I hope to find some inspiration as I am out in nature as I just love to pieces - birds, tree, and anything eco-ish or should I say "friendly".

I think it's important to re-charge and take a step back and do something silly.

Your i- phone can't run all day checking all those news feeds. Though mine is forced to. One day it will quit on me and say I told you so.

Re-charge. Or your phone and Rebecca Black will come get you.

- Natalie

Thursday, June 23, 2011


#1 - SHOP of the DAY - LouandLee
*I visit this shop daily and have been coveting this headband....come on paycheck!

#2 - ITEM OF THE DAY - vtg 70's floral small SUITCASE BY 6petals
*OBVIOUSLY I love suitcases...I mean cool wall decor or put on the shop = love!

So I got a fun message in the mail a few days ago. And by mail I mean etsy mail. But that's not as fun to say.


Look people all I know about wholesale is Sam's and Costco. I also know I can get about 1,000 rolls of toilet paper for like $3. I'm sure if I had enough coupons....

So good for me, bad for the seller. That is all I know about wholesale. Or a "whole lotta no sale for you."

Well I may have changed my mind. While I truly enjoy MUCH more the hands on interaction with my buying peeps it's kinda cool to think my wreaths will be trekking across far and ancient lands to hang in a cute boutique.

I gave a 25% discount because that seems fair and the shop looks real cute so I hope it works out! If not...well I sold about 20 wreaths for cheap. Lucky them.

So - have any of you guys done wholesale? You like it? Should I run for the hills? Tell me now or 1000 rolls of t.p. will end up in your trees. had to go somewhere.

- Natalie

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Be an original gangsta

I'm a big fan of being truly honest (even if it's ugly) so these are my confessions....

Do you see usher or should I say ur-shur...i do.

Anyways no pictures today or favorite shops just a confession. Yep short and sweet. Well it's actually not short and definitely not sweet. Not my usual lollipop i know.

A. A girl stole my name on facebook and even took my wreath pictures and basically made a shop out of my name. Even made up an e-mail for it.

My Solution:
A. Write her a not so nice e-mail asking why she would steal my name and told my friends on facebook to e-mail her.

A. I slipped back into 7th grade girl mode sitting in the cafeteria across from my evil nemesis. The not so nice e-mail was uh not so nice and i sent her e-mail out to people. Like all my friends who are fiercely protective.

Lesson I learned:

People are crappy. People will take your stuff. People will steal your ideas. People will use your hardwork for their benefit.

PEOPLE WILL NOT FEEL BAD. BUT that doesn't mean you should be crappy/bad back.

So words of wisdom from my brother who works on World on Warcraft for blizzard.
There are so many games out there like WoW it drive me nuts, but we just try to make ours the best and dont worry about the clones. She is the clone not the OG.

Be the Original Gangsta. And hold your tongue. And sleep before you respond to people. Kindness always wins in the end.

*Because guess what. By the time I wrote this blog she changed the name. Patience is a virtue people. Patience (i'm going home and writing that about 20 times)

- Natalie


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday

Thrifty Tuesday - Oh hello savings. 

1. $14 with 1.95 shipping - Always LOVE shoe clips!!
2. $3.50 with $3.50 shipping - can't pass up a cute beanie!!

3. $7 with $ 3 shipping - I love these colors!
4. $18 with $4 shipping - Yellow purses go with EVERYTHING!

5. $10 WITH $1 SHIPPING - great color and can never pass up a twist on feathers!

Oh hello everyone. I'm still here just trying new things. Which is weird because I can't even eat sushi. Those fish are still alive I swear.

Thanks for reading through all my stories of my adventures...mostly through others on reality T.V. BUT if your like me and you love picture books. This is why it switched.

I fully understand people love pictures. I mean have to read them...(time consuming) but pictures speak for themselves (easy).

That's why people like Pinterest. Minimal words. Sorry Gone with the Wind but you made me hate books.

So from now on if you like what I say - look a bit, stay awhile, get some ice tea than scroll down and hear my stories of ridiculouness. If not, when you start seeing for your life. Happiness for all.

I got this idea from Kendi Everyday. Pretty pictures - words at the bottom. Check it out. she is a fashion and does cool things my brain doesn't ever think to do.

So Tip of the Day: Switch it up, change it up, do something different. It's fun to try new things. They may not work but hey busting it in front of everyone is funny. Well, more funny when it's not you but you get the picture.

I'll bring you bandaids.

- Natalie

Monday, June 20, 2011

My First Giveaway!!

Well Hello Everyone. I missed you.

It was very hard to not get onto blogger this weekend, but when I pinkie promise i mean that. Yeah, 4th grade taught me well.

Great News! In honor of my blog's one month anniversary it's giveaway time! (clap, clap)

Who doesn't love free stuff? So here we go. (Buckle those seat belts people)

First let me introduce your Giveaway Seller - and she will let you know how to enter the giveaway!

Name of Shop - Sweetturqoise

Category of items you sale - Handmade Soap, Bath goodies, paper goods, and gift tags

1. How long have you had your shop?
I opened my shop in February 17 2011
2. What inspired you to make sweetturquoise?
Turquoise is my favorite color and the love of bird that inspired me to Sweet Turquoise.
3. Who or what inspires you to create?
The love of stamps and beautiful paper inspired me to create.
4. What has been your biggest accomplishment as a shop owner / artist?
My biggest accomplishment is when the customers leave honest feedback and they come back to my shop.
5. What has been the hardest part about starting a business?
The hardest part about starting a business is to be very patient.
6. What would be your biggest tip to a brand new shop owner / artist on etsy?
The biggest tip to a brand new shop is to not add high prices on the listing and be honest with the shipping costs. 
7. Where can we find sweetturquoise?
We can find Sweet Turquoise on Etsy or facebook at

So here is the item she is giving away!

*What Great CUTE vintage stickers!! Valued at $4.50!!

Here is how you ENTER!

2. Go to her shop and favorite one item
3. Come back to Hot Glue Hangover and comment on this post which one is your fav!
4. Winner will be chosen randomly - good luck!

*Giveaway ends July 1st at midnight*

* Interested in doing a giveaway? They run every 2 weeks - look at the Giveaways tab for more information!

- Natalie

Friday, June 17, 2011

No Nap Natalie

I woke up today and it was actually Friday. Thank you baby Jesus.

If you read yesterday's post - this would make sense. My internal clock is not set to adult time. It's set to newborn baby time. I sleep when I want to.

Which is ironic because when I was little I earned the nickname "No Nap Natalie."

I know. Every parent's dream. You're welcome Barb and Dave.

So I saw the light this morning. Literally my husband thinks it's HIL-AR-I-OUS to open the windows and turn on all the lights. Yeah. Great.

But also I had another "light" a.k.a - a realization about this blog. Why am I writing on the weekends? Don't get me wrong I love you guys but I mean the link between my avatar life and real life gets blurry. Like drunk goggles.

You shouldn't be sitting at On the Border on a Sunday Afternoon going - Oh no I didn't write my blog today - as you shove your chips and queso into your face. Same way with your shop.

It's so easy to constantly check on your shop, check for views, check your feed - that it becomes....well...addicting. Yep like pringles chips. Once you pop you can't stop.

So. It's decided. No posts on the weekends. Maybe a shout out if i feel like it. I'm going to move Savings Sunday to Thrifty Tuesday. Still the savings and all the fun.

So Tip of the day - Draw the line in the sand - release the doves - whatever you want to call it. Make time for nothing - that's right schedule nothing (I bet you'll find something really cool to do).

#1 - SHOP of the DAY - Studio Design Lab
*Custom Monogrammed Pillows that are so well done!!

# 2- ITEM of the DAY - ELEANOR... Remixed Vintage Petite Suitcase by Judythejazzcat
* I LOVE these painted suitcases - a great twist on the suitcase trend!
Blog -

- Natalie
*See ya monday with a GREAT Giveaway!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lies Thursday morning tells me

I woke up this morning and thought it was Friday.

Not True.

I also woke up this morning totally convinced I had written a blog for today.

Also untrue.

Sigh. The world is lying a lot to me today.

I blame Billy Elliot. Yes that's right. That foul mouthed kid in tights I watched frolicking across the stage last night until 11:30 p.m. And you know what it was good.

Tutu's and all. Go see it. It's fabulous.

Not the tights. Men should never wear tights. Unless your Robin Hood and helping the poor than it's totally ok.

Anyways I have great news! Starting next week I am going to be doing giveaways! Yeah! I learned how to add new pages. Very easy - I'm like almost an expert. Whoo.

So in lieu of adding these new pages I thought why not start doing giveaways!! I love them. In fact I have an equation worked out where if I enter at least 3 travel giveaways a week I am bound and determined to win.

Don't believe me. I'll text you on my way to Italy. Boom.

SO if you are interested in doing a giveaway on my blog - check out that fancy page that took me 5 seconds to make and it will tell you ALL the info! =)

If your an extreme freebie finder like me - than just sit back and relax and check in on Monday bright and early to see the goodies!

#1 - SHOP of the DAY - 21st Century Woman (sing it out ladies!)
*21W: Statement Jewelry for 21st Century Women
*Coupon Code - NEWFRIEND = 10% off!!

Twitter @21WJewelry
and a blog:

# 2 -  ITEM of the DAY - Blog Buttons: 4 Social Media Icons Customized to your Blog by moxietonic
*Cute, stylish web buttons made to match your blog
* Coupon? Don't need one! - They are only 4 FOR A DOLLAR!

- Natalie

p.s. I'm probably ordering these blog buttons today - amazing and cheap!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Interview from a Buyer

Last night my husband and I went to see X-men. There was this mean butterfly that spit. It was weird.

Anyways it made me wonder how cool it would be to have a super power. Personally the banche would fit me best...I like to talk. Not scream. Got that all out of my system as a kid.

But how cool would it be to read our buyer's minds? Know exactly what they want? Well not everything, (that would be weird) but you know the main stuff.

So, I got this crazy idea. (this is where is always starts)

I wanted to know what the BUYERS thought (because no one would give me a cool X-men power ugh) In fact I chose one of my previous customers.

Yeah. Crazy Huh. Don't worry I only drink 3 dr. peppers a day. totally normal. That is my super power. Impressed?

I understand.

The weird thing is she answered much more simply than I expected. Now not every buyer is going to be as awesome as her, BUT I am going to bet that the majority are. Just a mix of wonderful people looking for awesome stuff.

My other power. Directing a bit of positive energy towards the more "special" buyers we will all experience. LOTS of positive energy.

Zap. Zap. (let me know if it works ok)

Well here is it - from the eyes of a buyer: Day2Knight (turned seller)

1. How long have you been a buyer on Etsy?
I have been a buyer since march!

2. When you search for items are you browsing or looking for something specific? 
I love to look at a little bit of everything.

3. What are some popular search words that you use?
I don't really have a certain one, unless I'm looking for something specific. Like I said I love to just browse.

4. What are some of your favorite shops?
The Hot Glue Hangover. :)

(isn't she sweet - didn't pay her I swear...)
5. Does the "look" of the shop make a difference to you?
Defiantly. If it looks like they have not spent that much time on the look of their shop, I don't feel like they spend that much time on their products. I also love when they write a lot in their about me. When I read about them, I feel way more connected to them and their products. 

6. Do you tend to pick a shop based on price or quality (or both)?
I consider both. I also like to message the seller and if I get quick friendly response, I am more willing to buy from their shop!

7. What would be the most important piece of advice you would give a shop owner about treating customers / customer service?
The golden rule. Treat others like you wanted to be treated. And to remember they are admiring your work and spending their hard earn money. They don't want to have any regrets, and the nicer you are the more business you will get in the future. 

Thanks AMY! So in thanks - Here is her new shop - Day2KnightDesigns - click the banner to check it out!

- Natalie

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pinterest - hold your horses!


My friend Betty sent this to me at about 12 a.m. or p.m. - i dunno whatever midnight is. Geez why is that so complicated.

I explained to her that I am already addicted to MANY things and that she is being an enabler. She assured me this was a good one. Yeah....that's what they all say.

Well like a TRUE craft addict I decided FINE i'll look this silly little website up and see what she is fussing all about.

3 hours later I went to bed.

So I blame my best friend for my serious lack of sleep. She needs to buy me some under eye concelor so I don't look like a crazy. $6.99 please.

Why I like pinterest (and quite frankly why you should too)

1. Wall display of pictures (yes it's like a BIG KID PICTURE BOOK - who likes those books with words anyways!)
2. Feed of pictures "pinned" by your friends and from everyone on the site. Get inspired close and far away!
3. Creating Boards - organize your photos into categories - you can actually just follow specific boards.
4. Photos from all over the internet. Basically this is the crock pot of fashion and design. And I like crock pots...why? minimal effort and easy. Yeah buddy.

How can this help your shop:

1. If you sell multiple items - can organize into different groups for easy viewing.
2. Can add prices to your items so people know they are for sale.
3. Beautiful way to organize your shop and quickly upload new items that people can re-pin onto their boards or share to their friends.
4. a.k.a. MORE people than just Etsy folks will see your stuff. Hey bigger the hula-hoop the better.

Here is my pinterest - let me know yours! (also linked on the side with a button)

So I apologize now for your up-coming addiction. You can join my husband's support group. Bring cookies.

#1 - SHOP of the DAY - Rainy Day Colors
*One of a find papergoods and crafts - takes custom orders - cute paper goodies!
*BLOGGINGLOVE10 for 10% off

# 2 - ITEM of the DAY - Barn Dance Vintage Candy Tin Necklace by rachaelbrooke
*crafting 21st jewelry from 20th Century trash - how great it that!
*Special Coupon CODE for readers - Free Shipping - HotGlue2011

- Natalie

Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog Feature Yeah!

I was featured in a blog.

(Insert happy dance with a mix of jersey shore pump!)

Anyways the blog is by The Present Day. I featured her cutie patootie hairbrushes a couple of weeks back. Check out her stuff and her blog - click the picture below to see the feature!

*She is always looking for people to feature =)


Make it Perty!

This is the post that was supposed to occur 2 days ago. Sigh.

A bit of pushing and shoving and here we are.

Back to my topic of photography and my lack thereof of extensive knowledge in the subject.

My father would be so ashamed.

He was a Vietnam War photographer and a wedding photographer back before digital cameras (millions of years ago).

Brave in both areas.

Can you imagine developing the film and messing up those wedding pictures.
Gone. Forever.

In my opinion that is WAY scarier than the Vietnam War.
Example A - go on. Click it. 

Anyways back to photography. Adding on to what I have found to be successful - props. If you're like me and measurements just really confuse you than props are for you! Cause they make it perty!

(say it southern ya'll)

Sometimes it's really hard to imagine what 2 inches looks like or how a size 8 really fits. (my brain doesn't think like that!)
So anyway that you can hang the item, wear the item, or present the item in a way that will show the buyer how it would look to them - the better.

I don't buy earrings that are not hanging from a mannequin or person's ear. Go into a jewelry store for 5 minutes and all you see are ladies fake hanging the earrings from their ear. We wanna know if we look cute!

So Tip of the Day: Find some good cute props that show off your item, are relevant, and give a good idea of size. Give measurements when needed - but remember Etsy is NOT in person but your have to PORTRAY your item like it belongs to that buyer!

#1 - SHOP of the DAY - PosyPop
*Fresh Jewelry with Vintage Pop

#2 - ITEM of the DAY - Stork Hanging Pouch -- Photo Prop by Cherished Bliss
*Who knew hanging a baby in a bag would be so stinkin cute!
*Coupon Code - FREESHIP

- Natalie

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Savings # 3

Round # 3. Now this is no "extreme couponing". You only need one computer and yes you can double up.

Save Away!

#1 - Moving Sale - Reusable Grocery Bag PDF Sewing Pattern with Bonus Sewing Lesson by GeorgiaLeighDesigns

* Great PDF Pattern - and it's super cheap - $ 3.99 plus NO SHIPPING!

#2 - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE WeekEnd SALE - Orchid Necklace by angelastudio1

* Buy one get one free! Hello perfect for bridesmaids OR you and a friend - $24 plus $1.95 shipping

# 3 - SALE delicate pink and cream french-style hostess apron by turquoisetiki

* Love aprons and love the lace on this one - $25.50 plus $6.00 shipping

# 4 - SALE SALE 35% off my entire shop Use code FEATURED35 3 felt flower clips by Mymissprissboutique

* 3 felt flower clippies for only $14 plus $2.25 shipping - use on anything! Make sure to use the coupon code!

#5 - SALE STRESS RELIEF Spearmint and Eucalyptus All Natural Soap by plunksoap

* Who doesn't need stress relief?? Only $5.50 plus $2.50 shipping - great gift or for yourself!

Enjoy Saving!

*Don't forget my coupon code for 15% off your next purchase! - FBFAV15 - thanks for following!!

- Natalie