Friday, June 3, 2011

Shut the Front Door

Well if my life as an Etsy owner was to be a movie : here is the scene we are in.


Girl enters school, excited about her new outfit. Everyone compliments her. (smile ) Cause duh, it's cute. Best Hair Day, the bangs are behaving, and the make-up....immaculate.

She goes to lunch, picks up her tray, and then it happens. Trips over something - probably a foot (not her own as that would be too embarrassing) - Chocolate milk goes flying. Her white shirt is now tie-dyed colors she had not previously planned. Omg.

(Insert sad dramatic music - like Kelly Clarkson or something)

Chocolate milk got spilled on me yesterday. Not literally. It's why I don't wear white. Shut the front door.

Back to Reality. About 2 weeks ago I submitted an application to Heartsy to feature my deal for my shop and was so excited because I got more than the required votes. Happy Day.Than the e-mail came.

I feel so bad. I bet the guy was nice but you know he hates to be the one to send the e-mail, with his first AND last name included.

I wish they would just say - we didn't like it. I'm not a fan of fluffy stuff, I can take it - I work with middle schoolers.

But then - they credited me $5 for trying. So maybe I'll just keep submitting until I earn about 20 bucks to buy something for free.

Lemonade out of Lemons people.

#1 - Shop of the Day -Honneur - Mix of great stuff!

* Love these whale napkin rings!!

# 2 - Item of the Day -100 Rainbow Congrats Origami Stars by Trinkets by dana

*How great would this be to add to a gift or something! Love the 3D

- Natalie


  1. What weirdos! I think your wreaths are absolutely adorable. ><

  2. Heartsy doesn't actually do a lot of the deals that get enough votes... I wouldn't take it personally! In fact, take it as a compliment that your deal got a lot of votes, it means many liked your products :)

  3. Those napkin rings are really unique! Thanks for featuring my stars Natalie! I am following. :) Your blog is suhweet. :)

    Have a good one,