Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Study Guides

I was on a google mission last night.

I wanted to find the most searched words on Etsy to share with you guys but I came across a road bump. No one will list them. Is this the CIA? Will this unlock all the secrets? I'm not a fan of secrets which is why I am not in the CIA.....or am I?

Anyways do you know what the general consensus was that I found? No one wants a list.

Why I wonder? Why would you not want to know that? Their reply - because than the items would not be listed right.

True that my homies.

You know someone would make a decorated thermos and tag it "wedding" because it was a popular tag word thus showing up in your search. Hey I mean for the woods.

The best advice I saw was to tag your items the best you can BUT if you do want a little help - look at the treasuries. See which ones are popular like LOVE or GIFT.

You can still tag appropriately but understanding the trends of Etsy I do not think it cheating. Think of it like a study guide. And those who study - pass. Unless it's advanced trigonometry. Cheating is advised.

#1 - SHOP of the DAY - Loovee - Organic, Eco Friendly ,Natural %100 Cotton ...
* Always a fan or organic and cotton!

#2 - ITEM of the DAY - Australian Sunset - semi-precious stone necklace and earring set by Arizona Girls
* BIG fan of southwestern jewels -we love what we do and we wouldn't change a thing" - I like that!
* COUPON - JUNEPROMO = 15% off

- Natalie


  1. Nice tips:) Also love your selections, especially that pillow:)

  2. Great advice!! Fabulous idea to feature different shop!!

  3. Tags are definitely important and something I struggle with =/

    That pillow is super cute!

    Thanks for featuring our shop today! What a nice Wed. surprise! =)

    Have a great day! =)

  4. cheating is advised ha-ha!