Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Funk and forgetfullness

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#2 - ITEM of the DAY - Sweet Little Bird Baby Girl Onesie by LillyanLou
* I always love baby stuff and this onesie is adorable!

I think I'm in a funk. Don't worry I put deodorant on.

I mean I even forgot about Thrifty Tuesday yesterday...i mean...hello.

But really the whole crafting thing when I wasn't working was going fantastic. All apart of my master plan to become a millionaire, live on an island and make crafts.

Every girls dream.

Now that school is starting to start back up and I've been working a summer job man this choo choo has lost some of it's steam.

I think I just need to learn how to balance my schedule. Which I have never been good at for sure.

It's just frustrating sometimes when you WANT to have time but life insists that you do other things. Don't they know I have things to hot glue? I mean dirty dishes get a clue.

I am living up to my word and not making anything until I really feel I can do a good job. It never turns out well when you force yourself anyway.

Maybe I can spice things up by trying new colors or research new ideas. Heck maybe I'll do a big clearance coupon. Ideas to de-funk? My comments box is open and ready!

- Natalie

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