Thursday, July 28, 2011

God bless her

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#2 - Item of the Day -Vintage Set of 3 Strawberry Canisters by Corvid337
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I learned a lot of lessons yesterday... And I'm not even in school. Fancy that.

Rude people make you learn fast. Faster than nice people. They check your reaction time in a split second. Will I slap them or turn on my southern charm?

The degrees on the thermometer really determine that outcome.

It always amazes me how crazy rude some people can be. Heads turning like in the exorcist almost.

But I have a trick.

Turn on the thick southern accent. Tilt your head. Smile real big and repeat something to the extent of "God bless her" and "oh my dear Lord".

Works like a charm.

Maybe I'll make a wreath that's says God bless her on it.

That's southern cursing.

Maybe a good - be nice -  will work just fine. :)


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  1. Ha! "That's southern cursing" oh that just made me laugh out loud! Love it! And you are so right. Rudeness really makes you into a better person. Or at least it shows you who you really are and what you need to change. Well, bless my soul honey child! =)