Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday #6

#1 - SALE 10% OFF at Checkout.... Aqua Blue Chalcedony and Garnet Cluster Gold Earrings
* I could wear this color daily people.

#2 -SUMMER CLEARANCE Adorable High Wasited Gingham Cuffed Short Shorts Size 2
* I would buy these - but they would not fit...poo

#3 -CLEARANCE SALE Vintage 1960s Pocket Full of Posies Scooter Dress
* I have so many ideas for this dress - they involve a belt and a jacket = lovley

#4 -Clearance... Mackenzie... Chic Maternity Hospital Gown in Designer Fabric by Amy Butler...Large
*Uh nobody told me you could look cute going to the hospital....hello

#5 -Clearance ONE new 16 x 16 pink and floral pillow cover throw pillow toss pillow cover
*perfect shabby chic especially if you love the pinks!

Happy Savings!

- Natalie

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