Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tutorial Thursday #4 - Chip Clip

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#1 - SHOP of the DAY - Sugarfresh
* just like the name - absolutely refreshing!

#2 - ITEM of the DAY - dolman feather mini dress (os) by brownbagvintage
*not sure if I would be brave enough for a dress but I love it

I love pinterest.

Have I said this before?

Am I one of those middle school girls who writes someone's name all over their spiral? With hearts over the I's? What? I never did that....

Well if Pinterest were a would say Mrs. Pinterest all over my hello kitty notebook cause I'm in love.

And I don't care who knows it! (does some move just pop into your head? me too)

I love it because I found this little doosy. It's the shortest tutorial ever and it involves breaking something.

Hello. Fun.

Did you not just think to yourself...Duh?

I did when I saw this! Why am I incapable of thinking of the simplest things.

I break these ALL the time and I never remember to buy chip clips. Plus you could use this anywhere in crafting to hold supplies or whatever.

The possibilities are endless. Just like chips. Can't have just one people.

Happy Thursday!
- Natalie


  1. Hahah! The chip thing made me laugh...I can never, ever eat just one either!
    Kristina J.

  2. thanks for featuring my shop on your darling blog!