Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Writers Block

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So I finally had that day. That day where i had nothing to say.

Look a rhyme. Thanks Dr. Seuss.

See why I put the skull...I forgot. And you thought I never tied things in.

But really I started back up to my "real job" and whew getting back into a routine is killer and I thinked it sucked all my smart ideas out for the day.

I will say though that getting to have this blog and checking up on it is a great refresher from what I do normally.

So thanks guys. That's all I got.

Oh. And enjoy this. It's hump day and everyone needs a good laugh.

Sorry that this is not in any way "craft" related. But it's Chick Fil A...sooo...yeah...

Happy Wednesday!
- Natalie

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