Monday, September 19, 2011

Giveaway - A3 Sisters Rosette Collection

New Giveaway Time!

This giveaway by A3 sisters just makes me so excited! I featured one of her necklaces about a week ago and then got this awesome opportunity to host a giveaway for an entire customized collection of amazing goodies! A necklace, ring, and a pair of super cute bobby pins. The best part? You customize the whole collection into whatever set of fabric colors you like! 

Name of Shop - A3 Sisters

Category of items you sale - Unique and Classy Accessories for Women and Children

1. How long have you had your shop?

The shop just opened in April, so we've been around for about 5 months.

2. What inspired you to make A3Sisters?

I saw all the other shops out there making these gorgeous rosette necklaces and such, but I wasn't very impressed with the prices, so I thought, why not open up a shop that people will love AND afford!

3. Who or what inspires you to create?

I'm greatly inspired by my surroundings, and where I'm from. I live in the beautiful Kickapoo Valley, (Wisconsin) and I'm always inspired by nature.

4. What has been your biggest accomplishment as a shop owner / artist?

I think my biggest accomplishment as a shop owner was simply having the courage to open the shop and start doing business. It's scary at first, especially when you send out that first item, but once I got my first feedback and saw how happy they were with their purchase, I knew it was the right thing for me.

5. What has been the hardest part about starting a business?

The hardest part about starting this business was time management. I usually only put items up that are completed so that I can simply wrap and ship out the items in a timely fashion, and that's why I guarantee all items to be shipped out with 48 hours. We all want to get the items we buy right away, and having the items already finished helps speed up that process. 

6. What would be your biggest tip to a brand new shop owner / artist on etsy?

Know what you're getting yourself into. Make sure you have the time to do it, and that you really care about your customers. Look into all the "rules" of Etsy, and familarize yourself with the site. Once you've gotten your store up and running, updating and adding new items frequently helps draw people in. I'd also suggest advertising! It helps get so much more traffic to your store. 

7. Where can we find A3Sisters?

You can find A3 Sisters here:



How to ENTER:
1. Visit A3Sisters SHOP and then comment on this post your favorite item
2. Heart A3Sisters on ETSY
3. Like A3Sisters on FACEBOOK
4. Facebook or tweet @hotgluehangover and let me know you shared the giveaway!


Good Luck!
- Natalie


  1. The a symmetric necklace with vintage beads is FANTASTIC!

  2. I hearted their shop. Such great stuff!

  3. I also liked on Facebook!

  4. My favourite from her shop is the Fabric Rosette Statement/Bib Necklace - YOU pick the color


  5. My fav is the Fabric Rosette Statement/Bib Necklace - YOU pick the color


  6. I like A3 SISTERS on Facebook, as Despina Vnt


  7. I hearted her Etsy shop, as deboro


  8. OH SO CUTE! :) I love the necklaces above OH so much. I also love the Grace Necklace - Gray Carnation with Large Pearls.

    Fingers crossed for a win! ;)

  9. I liked A3 Sisters on FB (under Stephanie Narup).