Friday, September 9, 2011

Money and Taxes

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Happy Friday everyone! I knew we would all make it.

Dark circles under our eyes and all.

I had my first business freak out moment this week. And I thought I would share.

Apparently there are these things called taxes.


And you must pay them.


So I got a lovely notice in the mail - where they "estimated" how much I needed to pay them.

Holy moly.

Let me just put it this way. I don't make 100,000 dollars a year but that was sweet of them to think so.

Crisis averted.

On a happier note - enter the giveaway HERE. Come on. It's free.

Happy Friday!

- Natalie


  1. Never, ever, fool with the tax man! Forgetting ain't in their lexicon! However, glad you have sorted it! Found you via the Blogging Buddies site, so am madly following you (and all the others) as I'd love to collect more followers! Can be found at There I write about making, mending and otherwise creating soft, stuffed animal toys, which can be found at Look forward to seeing you there, I hope - all comments gratefully received.