Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tutorial Thursday #7 - Halloween Candy

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* Dangit...I'm already married!

#2 - ITEM of the DAY - Red Bow Headband. Knitted
* I love headbands and this one is super cute!

Hello Everyone.

I'm on a roll. For once I'm writing my blog on time.

Enjoy this moment of sanity.

It's almost Halloween. And by almost I mean Hobby Lobby put the decorations out.

And when Hobby Lobby says it's time. It's time.

It may be January but it's time.

Tutorial Time

Make You Own Halloween Candy (kind of) by Small Fry &Co

How cute are those - made from toilet paper rolls! I think it would also be great gift bag ideas!

Happy Thursday!
- Natalie


  1. That is such a cute idea. You can actually do that in so many different sizes and even as small as little ornaments. Even for Christmas. And I love the idea of the gift bag! They can tie it back up and have a cute decoration after taking out their gift.

  2. Very cute idea! Love the gift bag idea.

    Tiffany Barry
    Freelance Copywriter
    Will Write 4 Food

  3. If you're grossed out by using used toilet paper rolls just cut paper towel rolls down to size with scissors! I did that for Halloween class treats one year. They turn out really nicely!

  4. LOL I live my life by Hobby Lobby standards as well. TOO funny!

  5. What goes in them? Home made candy or just the stuff from the candy store?

  6. I think you could use homemade candy or real candy. You would be an ALL STAR if you made the bag and the candy!! =) I never thought of the ornament idea - love it!
    - Natalie