Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh Hello.

#1- SHOP of the DAY - SleepyKing
I love all these little woodland creatures!

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Who can pass up great feathers?

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Hello everyone. Wasn't that a fun holiday? For my first hosted thanksgiving EVER I had 14 people at my house. Oh yeah. I wasn't stressed at all.... Needless to say it was oodles of fun. It really just gave me an excuse to go shopping for decorations. I mean 80% off at Hobby Lobby...who can resist? Did I need like 5 pumpkins and a fake turkey? Well at $1 a piece you betcha! I am most proud of my first from Pinterest to real life creation to decorate my table.  Let's be honest we LOOK at a lot of pictures and in "our minds" we made them...but really...we just felt crafty. Which is a close second people. So bam. First ever.

Popcorn, burlap, mason jars, and string. It was fancy.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Congrats on really using Pinterest. I'm working on my laundry room and using Pinterest to pin ideas. Sounds like you got GREAT deals on your decorations. TFS!