Monday, February 20, 2012

My Monday #5 - Fabric Cabinet Backgrounds

#1 - SHOP of the DAY - FiveLittleGems

#2 - ITEM of the DAY -  Bamboo Wrap Fleece in EcoFriendly Fabric, Plum Purple with Vine Print, Cozy Warm for Fall and Autumn, Also in Navy and Green - TRICIA

My husband and I have been watching WAY too much HGTV. In fact we have been endlessly watching renovation realities where every couple looks like they must have therapy afterwards. So in our pure genius we decided - we can do that.... $70 later and lots of new tools and old kitchen cabinets from the Re-Store (big fan BTW) we had ourselves a project. After ripping off half the wall and way too many cans of spray paint. Tah-Dah. We have cabinets in the laundry room!

But I wanted to do something fun inside. I thought paper but that would wrinkle. And after searching near and far I found THIS tutorial.

Now I am not a fan of open - as that would call for me to be organized BUT I do love the idea of opening my cabinets and bam - a fun pop of color.

1. Foam Board - $3 - $8 (depends what size you get)
2. Fabric (cheap) - I used some I already had
3. Nails - already own a billion
4. A screwdriver to take off the doors
5. A trusty hammer

Total - $ under $10 (if your thrifty!)

Skill Level - Medium (or fairly easy if you understand tools)
* Pretty easy tutorial to follow and a GREAT way to spice up any cabinet and or shelf!

Click HERE for the Full Tutorial by Pretty Handy Girl

Happy Monday!


  1. Very cool item of the day! I like it. =)
    from Blogging Buddies

  2. Love it!! I would not be able to leave the doors off because we have pets and the hair would make its way in there lol. I love that look! My mom had her cupboards refinished with clear glass and kept the wooden frame , so then I could do that and still see the beautiful fabric :-D