Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Didn't I think of that #12 - Baggy Bottle Top

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Happy Day after Valentines! Yes still coming down from my chocolate / caffeine / heart shaped pizza  (oh yes that happened) high. My husband and I like to do corny - we take great pride in that OR we are cheap. Psh already have a plan for next year - waffle house in a limo. I know - we roll classy.
For all you bakers out there - this is a wonderful why didn't I think of that - especially if you NEVER have rubber bands or chip clips like myself.

Cut Bottle Top to Pour Chocolate Chips

1. Cut off top of waterbottle
2.Pull through baggy
3. Fold baggy over water bottle spout
4. And cap!

So easy and I really think you could use this just about on any package and seal it a lot better than the good ole rubber band.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. okay, that is an AWESOME way to use the top of a water bottle. Thanks so much for the tip!
    Dropping by from EBT.

  2. wow, so cool! i feel like a nerd for being so excited about this little tip, but it's so useful! i'm pinning it :)

  3. Brilliant. I'm totally doing that.

  4. it's the simple things in life isnt it! =)