Monday, March 26, 2012

My Monday #9 - Earning Rewards

#1 - SHOP of the DAY - Vintagemarmalade

#2 - ITEM of the DAY - Bonny Naranja wayfarer Vintage Sunglasses

I like free stuff. Its almost to the point now where I literally cannot buy anything unless it is on sale because in the back of my mind I know I can get it for free or semi-free. I stalk this site SOUTHERN SAVERS on a daily basis because she has such a great collection of deals and steals. Now I know you don't need everything and some products just really aren't worth taking even if they GAVE it to you - but some do pay off. Here are my favorite recommendations.

1. ShopKick.
You need a smart phone for this app but I have literally earned $60 to Old Navy for doing...nothing. All you have to do is walk into stores (I choose ones I am already going to like Target, Old Navy, Macys) and get points. You get points for just walking in and in some cases for scanning certain items. Every once in awhile you get up to 200 kicks (points) for walking in. On average 2500 points = $10, so for doing NOTHING other than what you had already planned to do = totally worth it.

Use Code - CHESTNUT6992 (Phone App) OR (computer) - to get started. 50 Free Points!

2. Recyclebank.
I am relatively new to this one but I like anything eco-friendly and nice to the Earth. Because I like the earth. We are friends. You earns points by watching videos, pledging to recycle, and if you like Kashi cereal you get LOTS of points by eating it. You can then exchange those points for valuable coupons to get great deals. Once again - getting rewarded for what you probably do already.

Click HERE to be taken to the site to sign up!

3. AllYouMagazine
I am a HUGE fan of this magazine and they frequently on the Southern Savers site offer a full year subscription for around $4-$8 dollars. Considering in each magazine they offer almost $50 in coupons it's a great deal. Plus they provide great cheap DIY projects and legit ways to earn money on the side. It's a fun read plus they have a great website with contests and coupons. If you win a trip to Hawaii you better share.

Click HERE to go to

Happy Monday!

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