Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tutorial Thursday #23 - Whale of an Obsession

#1 - SHOP of the DAY - TobyMaMa

#2 - ITEM of the DAY - Unisex WHALES Deep V Neck american apparel XS S M L (10 Colors Available)

I don't know why I have an obsession with whales all of a sudden. I haven't been to Sea World or watched Free Willy so all I have left to blame is Homegoods and Pinterest. Maybe Animal Planet. The three evils. I especially like this whale because I am on a mission to make a home-made toy for my nephew. My mom made me a homemade bunny with a ballerina costume one year for Christmas and I loved it. So banking on the fact that this is in the genes, I think I can rock this stuffed whale.

Manly Right. 

You can find the tutorial HERE 

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Living by the sea, it's a natural thing to love whales. Really like the shirt and stuffed toy! Hello from the Etsy Blog Team....