Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why Didn't I Think of That #18 - Stylish Oatmeal Container

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#2 - ITEM of the DAY - EASTER SALE - Golightly - 9-Piece Enameled Bangle Set

If you live in DFW, holy moly yesterday was quite the rodeo wasn't it? I live in Texas because I do NOT like natural disasters. period. Rain / bugs / frogs whatever; don't like it. So to entertain myself I had to think of something funny so of course I went to YouTube. Is that not what you do when it storms? Yeah I don't stand outside; I get in the bathtub and YouTube. And here is the little gem I found.

While I was also in the bathtub I found this little number on my Pinterest app on my IPhone. Yes smart phones are amazing.

What is that you ask? Oh only an old Oatmeal container decorated oh so cute with craft paper. Thank you fancy Quaker man. I kept thinking wow this would be great for the following (I had a lot of time to ponder in the bathtub with the puppies):

1. Any craft supply
2. Snacks (who doesn't love snacks and you would be SO stylish)
3. Presents - eco friendly gift giver
4. Toilet paper holder. Fits perfect!

Happy Wednesday!

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