Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Why Didn't I Think of That #21 - Secrets are Fun

#1 - SHOP of the DAY - ThePantages

#2 - ITEM of the DAY - Blue and Yellow Sunny Side Up Back Cut Out Dress M

I'm all about hidden things. It's mostly because I have zero organization skills. Well I would call my life organized but apparently professionals don't think stuff lying around everywhere is OK. Do these people have children or even spouses? I rest my case. (insert gavel hitting desk sound effect). So to give the illusion I am "all together" and it look like I am well read is a dream.

Take a bunch of old books (check your local library to be all eco-friendly, and cut off the spines. Not to mention you probably have a few where the spines are on their last leg anyway. Use the pages as a fire starter or some other fun craft. Then just find an old drawer or even a crate to turn into a box and wah-bam - beautiful secret storage. Who said secrets are no fun?

Happy Wednesday!

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