Monday, May 14, 2012

New Giveaway - Amazing Custom T-Shirt by MissDelanyShop

It's Monday. And what better way to cure the Monday blues by entering a giveaway and getting free stuff! This giveaway is near and dear to my heart. Why? I just bought my three AMAZING custom shirts to advertise at craft shows this past week. She listened to me, let me change my mind like 50 times, AND they look fantastic. I think that trifecta doesn't happen much so I knew this was a keeper. So lucky for you guys I talked her into doing a giveaway for YOUR very own custom shirt!

Let's meet Rebekah from Miss Delany!

Name of shop: Miss Delaney
Category of items: Baby clothes and accessories

1. How long have you had your shop?
I've had my shop for just over a year. I opened it in April of last year.

2. What inspired you to make MissDelanyShop?
What inspired me to open a shop was that I was looking for something that I could do from home while my kids are little. My goal is to be able to do this full time by the time they start school and still be able to be there for them. To take them to school and pick them up, take them to appointments and be flexible with my time and not be bound to an 8-5 job. 

3. Who or what inspires you to create?
My inspiration to create is my daughter. She just turned 1 and when I found out I was having a girl, I just wanted to sew tons of stuff for her. I also love making outfits for my son (3 years old), like graphic t-shirts.

4.What has been your biggest accomplishment as a shop owner / artist?
 My biggest accomplishment as a shop owner was getting 100 orders. It took many months for my store to pick up and to start getting orders in. When I hit 100, I just felt like I could do this. I could make something out of my store and build it up, and that maybe it wasn't just a flash in the pan.

5.What has been the hardest part about starting a business?
For me, the hardest part about starting a business is actually starting it. It's hard to put yourself out there and open yourself up to criticism. Especially if you've only ever made things for yourself or for gifts. Having a paying customer is a nerve-racking thing at first, but as you start to get more orders and positive feedback, your confidence grows. 

6.What would be your biggest tip to a brand new shop owner / artist on etsy?
My biggest tip for a new shop owner is to be patient. Your store might take off right away, and if it does, great! But it'll probably take a while. If you aren't getting orders right away, work on your store anyway. Work on taking better pictures, tweaking descriptions or keywords. Or making new things to list. It took me about 4 months before I started getting orders, but I worked on my store consistently during that time. I'm not saying that every store will be successful. But just because you don't get orders right away, or for a while, that doesn't mean that it failed. Sometimes it just takes time.

7.Where can we find MissDelanyShop?
You can find my shop at I also started a blog (fairly new and a little neglected at the moment) at And, I just opened a second store where I'm going to attempt to sell doll clothes. That is at


1. Follow TheHotGlueHangover Blog.
2. Go Visit MissDelanyShop on Etsy and report back with your DREAM custom shirt design.
3. Giveaway Ends May 25th and you can enter once daily.

What you will Win 

* Your very own CUSTOM t-shirt worth over $15! Click

HERE to go check it out!

*Winner will be chosen by random at

Happy Monday!


  1. New follower - and I love the rhinestone butterfly tee! (fingers crossed!)

  2. Love your blog!

    I would love a t-shirt that says "Girl Team" as that is what my little girls call the three of us together :)

    The cookie monster baby legs are AWESOME!!!

  3. I would like a cat design

  4. Would love the shirt with a custom saying of my choice. (Can't post it here . . . it's well, nevermind)

  5. I'm already a follower :)

    Tough call, because I have two shops on Etsy and I know I would want the shirt to advertise one of them but at the same time also say something witty....although it takes me a while to think up witty things....

  6. @the ugly barn farm - just stay up late and the witty just pours out =) Or MAYBE is delirium I dunno ha ha

  7. Hi new follower! Love the blog and the featured shop! I would like a lime green shirt size 3T that would feature my etsy shope logo. If not the logo then the name of my shop! Thanks for the giveaway!