Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tutorial Thursday #31 - Practice Kids

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These are my dogs. And by dogs I mean practice kids.

They pretty much rule the house. Especially the little one. She is what you might say "spoiled", or "evil" or "houdini mastermind." Any of the previous would work.

And my poor Aussie is just her minion out of fear I think. I would like to say that these precious babies sleep in their doggie beds and or crates but that would be a lie. One is at my feet and the other pretty much on my face every morning.

So I am HOPING with this cute little doggie bed tutorial I can inspire them to give me my bed back. One can dream.

This dog bed picture I got from KalidoscopeofColors on ETSY. If you are too lazy (i.e. me most of the time) to create this yourself I suggest you BUY it from her. They are to die for cute.


1. Old suitcase
2. Old doggie bed OR if you are feeling super creative get some stuffing and fabric and make your own!
3. 4 wooden legs (i call them stumps)
4. 4 screws or 4 large nails
5. A drill and screwdriver
6. Possible batting, tape or extra fabric


1. Cut suitcase in half (if you find one old enough I bet it will just pop apart)
2. Cover all stickie outie parts that could hurt any babies with either fabric batting, tape or more stuffing
3. Drill 4 holes to attach legs
4. Attach legs using screws, washers (basically whatever you need to secure it - this will vary by suitcase material and type) - You could also always nail the legs in as well
5. Either make doggie bed and or just squeeze you old one in.
6. Wah-lah a cute bed your dog may or may not sleep in. At least it will be cute!

Happy Thursday!

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