Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tutorial Thursday #37 - Dollar Store Chandelier

#1 - SHOP of the DAY - Pergamondo

#2 - ITEM of the DAY - Wedding Thank You Signs Rustic Photo Props

I want a chandelier in my bathroom so bad it hurts.

 Every time I get on Pinterest I see amazing beautiful bling hanging from the ceiling and my little Dallas heart just starts to melt. Of course I cannot afford this amazing bling but still I dream. So when I saw this tutorial to make a dollar tree version I had to get out the tissues from happiness.

Warning - it's not as blingy and I'm sure the Queen would not approve but it will just have to do until I am a millionaire. This is the lucky bingo card I can feel it.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my shop! And such a great tutorial!

  2. This is great! Thanks for the feature!