Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why Didn't I Think of That #30 - Bling Phone Charger

#1 - SHOP of the DAY - tracielynn26

#2 - ITEM of the DAY - Rhinestone Bling Clipboard

I have always been a fan of glitter. Princesses, tiaras, sparkly shoes you name it I loved it. ESPECIALLY if it had glitter on it.
I guess little girls and birds are the same. We are attracted to sparkly things.

So when I saw this idea the little girl inside of me just let out a very loud squeal. Don't worry I apologized to all my fellow patrons at Starbucks.

If they only knew I bet they would squeal like little girls too. 

Sparkly Charger ... i know... take it allllllll in.

Happy Wednesday!

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