Monday, July 2, 2012

My Monday #18 - Shop Slump

Today is going to be one of those - well that didn't quite go how I planned kind of posts. The hard thing about being a crafter is that you believe in your items and you love them a whole lot.

This isn't the Gap where if people hate it - whatever - put it on the sale rack and move on. Blood sweat and tears went into making those items. Though you get lots of "likes" not so many sales.

So i thought to myself either I sit here and pout about it or I google the almighty internet and find an answer. Google it is (with ice cream - at 8 a.m. ....)

So I found this article about revamping your ETSY shop. To read the FULL article CLICK HERE but I did want to share this one paragraph that I thought was PERFECT for how I feel today.

Take care of the small things because they always help perfect the big things.

Happy Monday!

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