Monday, September 10, 2012

Craft Tunnel Vision

So I've been busy.
When I first started my Etsy shop and blog I had no intention of it ever becoming some multi-million dollar business (although if it does I will surely let you know!).
In fact I wouldn't even consider it a business as I really just make wreaths to get away from the grind every once in awhile.
All it takes is a little glitter and yarn and I am back to normal. 
So you can image my surprise when I was contacted by some big agency saying you are using greek letters to make super lots of money. Sorry lady but Uh do you know me?
I was bummed and really thought about closing down my shop as it was really not fun for me anymore. Then I got an order. A crazy order.
For 70 wreaths. Yep. 70. In case you were wondering what 70 looks like here it is.

It was so fun. Challenging and time consuming but fun. It was nice to get my mind away and just get craft tunnel vision for awhile. I even made 2 big wreaths today just for fun. I'm crazy I know. So I'm almost back to normal. Take that big agency.

Happy Monday!


  1. congrats! That is so exciting that you were able to work on one big project.

  2. Can't wait to get my big orders rolling in to!