Friday, October 12, 2012

Queens of the House

#1- SHOP of the DAY - juliegarland

#2- ITEM of the DAY - Pumpkin Spice Soap - Natural Soap, Handmade Soap, Olive Oil Soap Bar, Cold Process Soap

There are two things who run my household and they are not my husband and I. 
Nor are they human. 
Yes. We are those people. We love our dogs. We let them sleep in our bed. 
I buy them Halloween costumes and bows for their hair. 
I fear having children if I'm this obsessed with my dogs. 
Of course i don't know why I want to make this craft because I know they will just sleep on my coach but at least it will look cute on the floor. 
Maybe I'll sleep on it instead. 

*You make them JUST like the blankets from fleece just add stuffing. Easy floor pillows as well!*

Happy Friday!

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