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Let's be real ... crafting is expensive. I may need crafting rehab but apparently they don't offer this. I understand though because if you sent me off for a week without my glue gun - we would have problems. SO to stop the world from ending and people getting hurt I have compiled a list of some amazing sites that will save you lots of moolah. Consider this reverse rehab... I am feeding the habit. Just apologize after.

* Must have a smart phone but I have literally earned over $40 to OldNavy so far. They also have rewards for Starbucks, Macy's, Lowes and even Target. About every 3 months you get $10 if you use it casually. If you're hardcore probably weekly.

*Enter code chestnut6992 for 50 free points!

2. OldNavy Snap Appy
* snap the Old Navy logo for great coupons, $5 off, or even sometimes free stuff. I've gotten free flip flops and 2 free $5 so far. Combine with s ShopKick gift card and you could get stuff for free!

3. Groopdealz
* Wonderful sales on so many cute handmade items. I have bought 2 cute necklaces for under $8 shipped and they had a great deal on baby headbands which were a perfect present for a shower!

4. Southern Savers
* I go on this website EVERY DAY. She has made such an amazing list of great finds and deals and it's WAY easier than searching the web everyday.

5. Recyclebank
*For all the eco-friendly savers out there - earn points for doing what you already do! Saving the earth! Plus many surveys and videos to watch for free points. Earn great coupons and discounts - maybe even a free magazine subscription.

* I'm not even a mom but if I figure I start now maybe I'll earn something for free by the time my child is 5. They offer free codes quite often and if you actually buy pampers you can earn a lot of free goodies.

* I got the cutest necklace off this website! You get $10 off when you first sign up and you can choose from a wide array of super cute items.

*Another great site that compiles all the savings / coupons / discounts into one easy page to navigate. Also lays out shopping plans so you can maximize in store sales and your coupons to get uh-mazing deals!

* I literally found this one very recently and it offers great coupons for eating / shopping in your area. It makes you think that you have to sign up for a "gold pass" BUT if you just share your coupon on facebook you get it for free. Share and than go back and delete = problem solved.

*MANY more savings sites to come... this is only the beginning of my list =)

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